Q: What is the lashes made from ?

A: Our lashes are made from synthetic hair, and premium synthetic hair.


Q: What make your eyelashes special ?

A: SOFT & SILK band make our lashes differ from all others. This is thanks to our  eyelashes are made of from ultra-lightweight silk band that bring to end-users more relax and comfort.        


Q: Do you provide real mink lashes?

A: No, since our lashes are cruelty free we do not provide real mink lashes. On the other hand we providing faux mink eyelashes.


Q: Do you provide glue, curler, applicator etc?

A: Yes, we can provide them also. Glue and other accessories are sold separately.


Q: What is material of your eyelash extensions

A: Our eyelash Extensions are made of from Korean silk fiber with found to be soft as silk and work well with glue.


Q: Do you produce Flat base eyelashes

A: Yes, we do produce flat base, oval base eyelashes. We do also produce pre-made fans for extensions.   


Q: What is the payment method?

A: We accept payment via wire bank transfer, Paypal, Credit cards.


Q: What is shipping mode ?

A: With small volume orders we ship by air via FedEx, TNT, DHL, UPS. Larger orders we offer ship by sea.